About Me

Scustumat' e Maleducat'

My name is Gianluca Rottura. I have no middle name so I usually use the name I chose for myself for my Confirmation : Pio. It means pious and I took it from the then Padre Pio who is now a Saint. The name applies, as I am pious in regards to truth and beauty. I must express my love for things or else I will explode. That is the reason for writing this on pizza and coffee.

As a die hard soccer fan, I play and have coached. My club team is AS Roma and the Italian National Team means the world to me. I have been a black belt and Instructor of Taekwon Do since 15. My father opened one of the most successful and highly acclaimed Italian restaurants in Manhattan, called Sistina and, since 18 years old, I run, along with my brother, a family wine shop. My family in Italy makes wine, along with most of the foods they eat, chairs they sit on, and tables they eat off of. Though I love pizza, I am allergic to dairy AND also lactose intolerant (they are two different things). Though I love coffee, I am always a second away from a nervous breakdown and should avoid this drug.

My book Wine Made Easy, is similar in style to this website on pizza and coffee. I regularly contribute articles to newspapers, blogs, and even emails to friends who may need a break from work.