This is an organization with one goal in mind: to promote, teach, and certify the True Neapolitan Pizza. The intentions are great; however it must be noted that I have eaten fantastic pizzas at pizzerias with no awards from or membership with this organization.The rules are too vague. They state that the “pizza at the end of the cooking process, will emanate a characteristic aroma, at once perfumed and fragrant.” While that may be true, that is too general and it is hard to measure unless you know Pizza. That being said, I applaud the Associazione's hard work and intentions.

This organization is closely linked with the ASSOCIAZIONE VERACE PIZZA NAPOLETANA. I find it to be more effective in promoting the true Pizza because it takes a more hands on approach. It is an organization that links together the true Neapolitan pizza makers. Instructors travel the world, teaching students how to make the real thing.