Fra poco scoppio
(Soon, I'm going to explode)

I am usually an anxious person. I should NOT drink coffee but the smell haunts me and it can be hard to resist. I try to avoid coffee for a few reasons. First, it makes me very anxious. Second, it stains my teeth. Third, I fear the withdrawal after consuming it for quite some time. I also fear missing it a day here and there because the headaches can be devastating.

The world's most popular and loved form of coffee is espresso. Since espresso comes from Italy and it has been bastardized, prostituted, and raped, I have to defend it like I did for pizza.

I cannot believe how bad most places' coffees are. For the reader, I only wish to talk about espresso, so I will refer to it as coffee, the same way in Italy, Italians simply call it “il caffè. The best coffee comes from in and around Naples. That is not an opinion. Lucky me, my mother is from Salerno and I spent almost every summer there.

While good coffee can be found in other parts of Italy, nothing compares to espresso coffee from Naples and the surrounding areas. Some Neapolitans even know the limits of the city's water and plan accordingly when traveling outside of Naples to get one last real coffee. If you have not had coffee in Naples then you cannot say you've had the best espresso. This is not an opinion. Disagreeing with that statement is like saying you have seen the best basketball played but have never seen Michael Jordan in action (live or on TV).